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Therapy for adults struggling with anxiety, perfectionism and relationships

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You deserve to get the mental health support you need.

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We’re told all sorts of misinformed messages about mental health and getting help, so if you are hesitant about therapy, you are not alone.

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If you have been struggling with anxiety, you may be experiencing panic attacks, constant worry, a tendency to over-analyze or to feel like you are always in your head. Or, you feel like you have no control and like you are unable to relax.

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Perhaps you have noticed a change in your mood but you are not sure why. Maybe you may feel like you don’t enjoy things like you once used to or that you aren’t functioning at your best. You may experience negative thoughts that affect your self-worth.

You are entitled to get help, no matter what you are going through. Whether you are looking to start therapy or are looking to continue the work you were doing from a previous therapeutic relationship, going to therapy can take courage. But therapy doesn’t have to be scary. You deserve to have a safe place where you can address your struggles, experience relief from discomfort  and become a better version of yourself.

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Hi, I’m Catherine, a New York licensed psychotherapist.

My therapeutic approach is supportive, compassionate and accepting. I get to know you on an individual level and cater my interventions to your specific needs. I draw from evidenced based approaches including psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and mindfulness based therapies. In our sessions, I’ll work with you to:

  • Explore connections between your past and present experiences so you can gain a deeper sense of awareness about yourself.

  • Get to the root of your struggles by uncovering unhelpful patterns that could be holding you back.

  • Identify problems so you can get to the bottom of why you are feeling the way you are.

  • Uncover any negative self-talk or negative beliefs that are impacting how you feel

  • Learn tools and skills so you can better manage symptoms and find relief in challenging moments.

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Contact Information

Call or email me with questions or to set up an initial appointment.


I am a New York Licensed Mental Health Counselor. While I normally work out of midtown, I am currently only offering telehealth sessions and phone sessions. My license allows me to work with anyone who resides in the state of New York.

License # 006975

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